Minggu, 19 September 2010

Scared of Bums-Time to Learning

Chord Lagu SOB "BORING" klik di SINI

We start to write the message Against the older cases
Mourning engine, what you could be proud of ?
And, break out the lonely hours Get down and moving faster
Futures calling As we run,
You can get

Whatever you want to,
Dilemma is untrue
We share the moments
We taste together
What you see is what you got
What you learn is what you gonna do
Whatever you want to
Dilemma is untrue
We share the moments
We taste together
Open, lets open your eyes

Here we are
We still trying to be good

Reff :
Time to learning
Show me what you really can get
Depend on is a facets
Time to moving
Guide you back to brighter colors
We live like no pessimist
To be good

We burn the bleeding fases
Look for the future races
Loosing control,
Are we are life for dreaming
This message never work out
If u are never open
You’re faded eyes
As we wake, Man! You can get

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Halo terima kasih sudah berkunjung...
Aku suka kamu karena kamu sudah berkunjung ke sini. Ini ada sedikit bingkisan sebuah Novel Tentang Bedugul Bali....
Semoga kamu suka... :)

Lihat Novel>>

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